Getting Started

My first blog post.

Why have I started a blog? Isn’t life hectic enough already? Three reasons.

First, the blog is for me – a tool of reflection and discernment about my work, things I’ve learned on my own or from mentors, workshops, readings, etc. My goal is to write 2 or 3 times a month. A big commitment – we’ll see how I do.

Second, I hope to share some ideas and tips about photography with others. Many people have helped me along on my journey and I sincerely want to “pay it forward” as the movie of that title suggests we do.

Lastly – maybe least important – the blog may bring some business my way.

I’ll welcome any comments and suggestions from anyone who happens to find her or his way here.

A big thank you to my by friend Debbie Roberts, who inspired me to start a blog. Check out her terrific blog, on gardening, Debbie’s blog.


2 Responses to “Getting Started”

  1. April 8, 2009 at 11:20 am


    Congratulations on taking the leap into the world of blogging. I can’t imagine a more noble reason to start a blog than to share your wisdom and experiences with other photography buffs. If photographers are anything like gardeners, they are a generous group who love to share their knowledge and hands on experience.

    Good Luck.

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