Corporate Headshots


I don’t care for the term corporate headshot. Couldn’t we say professional portrait?  Headshot seems quick, impersonal, haphazard.

Whatever we call it, some of my work involves photographing people for businesses large and small. This picture was one of four taken for the partners of a financial services firm, that will be used on their website.

A business portrait usually tries to project the the style and culture of the organization. If we see a picture of an executive on a website or in an annual report that works well, we get a sense, sometimes subconsciously, of what the business is all about. The photograph literally puts a “face” on an organization that might otherwise seem, well, faceless.

Bigger companies put a lot of time and effort in these pictures. Think of images you’ve seen of CEOs of big corporations. The expression on the face, the body language, the clothes, what’s shown in the background, the colors – everything is designed to  instill us with an impression about the company.  None of this is left to chance.

My work in this area is mostly with smaller firms. Usually I have a bit more freedom in deciding how to portray the person. My goal is to avoid a look that appears contrived or staged.  Bringing out the subject’s personality is key. And a smiling, open and welcoming appearance, such as in the gentleman above, will hopefully make just the right impression on the viewer.

If you have a need for portraits for your business, I hope you will think of Blake Robinson Photography.


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