Window Light


I love working with studio lights. The amount of control that can be exercised is amazing. I use up four lights on a portrait and the possible different effects are endless.

But – it’s hard to recreate sunlight with studio lights. Natural light can be beautiful – soft, warm and flattering.  Window light especially has a wonderful quality. Think of Vermeer’s paintings.

Amy is a model, a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, and a hula hoop dance enthusiast (very big in California and coming to Connecticut if Amy has her way).  I took this portrait of Amy in mid-afternoon, right next to one of the windows in my studio. There were no artificial lights, just the indirect sunlight streaming in.

Generally, I like to have a portrait subject looking right into the lens. This creates a connection with the viewer.  But sometimes having the person look away can still leading to a visually appealing image.  To help make a connection with the viewer, I shot in fairly close to Amy – about four feet away.  For me, this picture has a hopeful and optimistic feeling about it, because:

  • the sunlight is so warm
  • Amy is looking into the light
  • She has a natural and open smile
  • She’s looking up
  • the colors are positive – warm skin tones, the pink straps, and the blue background

Take a close look at the picture. What do you imagine Amy is thinking about? Does the image “work” for you? What feeling does it evoke? I’d love to hear from you – by comment on the blog or by email .


1 Response to “Window Light”

  1. September 17, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Love your new “identity” although the old one isn’t too bad!! ox

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