High School Senior Photos – Part Two

I really enjoy shooting high school kids – especially when the high schooler is beautiful, enthusiastic about the shoot, fun to be with and photogenic. I may be biased, but my niece, nicknamed Lela, is all of these things.

Lela has a natural, open and engaging smile. In fact,  I had to work at getting her to do a semi serious pose, such as the one above.

The image to the left is more typical of how she looks most of the time – a happy, outgoing young woman who enjoys life.

When I suggested she try some poses jumping up in the air, Lela got right into it and we came up with some great shots with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, like the one below.

When shooting high school seniors, I find it helpful to talk about outfits before the shoot. (Otherwise – who knows what they will show up with?) With Lela, we Skyped before the shoot.  She would bring potential outfits out of her closet which we’d look at and discuss together. This helped in pulling together a variety of looks that would photograph well and show her to best advantage.

I always try for a fun, spontaneous and informal  look to the images for high school seniors. And faithful readers will recall I love bold colors – the first headshot above brought in the primary RGB (red, blue, green) complimentary colors, which usually look like dynamite together.

Whoever the senior is, I try to create images to reflect his or her personality. I’m trying for unique and refreshing pictures that will be enjoyed for years to come. Most seniors will have their pictures done by a “photo mill” that has a contract with their school. The images often look  humdrum and clichéd.  But the kids are often pressured into using the school photographer – some schools even fine the kids if they go outside, which is probably illegal and in any event unfair and unfortunate.

Hope you will keep me in mind for any seniors you know who are looking for a photographer to record this very special time in their lives.


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