Tap App !

One of the joys of studio photography is getting asked to do shoots that are completely new and different. Recently, Eli Newsom, an outstanding tap dancer and tap instructor, asked if  I would shoot stills of taps steps, to be used for an iPhone application (or “app”).  The answer – SURE!

In the studio, we did about 170 shots, representing tap step sequences. These images have gone into the iPhone app, that is just out today, called “Tap App.”   Just tap here, no pun intended, to buy the app for your iPhone. For $1.99, you can practice the tap steps in your own home or while waiting for the bus.

One of the fun parts of the shoot was catching Eli at just the right moment. For example, in the shot to the right, we needed to catch his feet at the top of a jump, with the heels just clicking together. You have to anticipate these moments, because there is a lag from the brain deciding to shoot, then sending a signal to your shutter finger, then the finger responding, then the shutter actually opening to take the picture.Whew! best not to think about how hard this is – just anticipate.  We did pretty well, and had very few retakes.

By the way, Eli is appearing as lead  in “The Full Monty” in Stamford (February) and Bridgeport (March).


1 Response to “Tap App !”

  1. January 11, 2010 at 7:16 pm


    What an unique opportunity. I bet you never thought your photography would be featured in an iphone app. Thanks for sharing your photographic ‘steps’ during the shoot, it sounds like an interesting afternoon.

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