Glamour Model Shoot

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting with Jessamyne, an Australian model. Jessamyne is a true redhead and a real pro. Also working on this shoot was another real pro, my friend Maria Dominici, who was the makeup artist. You can see more of Maria ‘s work by clicking here.

We were going for the big glamour look. Maria emphasized this with false eyelashes, bright red glossy lips and beautifully airbrushed skin. For lighting, I used a “beauty dish,” a very flattering reflector and also bounced in some light from below for a soft look.

One of the joys of a shoot like this is working cooperatively with the other professionals. While I had some ideas on shoot concepts, I solicited their views as well. All of our creative ideas came together to make to shoot work. Someone might say, “Let’s try this!” and we were off and running.

And, to be sure, there’s a lot I don’t know about women’s fashion and styles, makeup, etc. So I need to lean on the others. Gradually, I’m learning!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I spend a lot of time editing the images in Photoshop after the shoot. In some cases, I’ll spend over an hour on one image. I love doing the editing and spend a fair amount of time learning new techniques.

The ideas and experience I gain from model shoots like this one are tremendously helpful in my portrait work with “regular” women and men.

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