Blog traffic

One of the interesting (and fun!) things about writing a blog is watching the traffic – how many people view your blog each day. In March, I had over 1000 readers – not a big number in the world of blogging for sure, but gratifying for this relative newbie.  I’ve seen a steady growth in my readership over the months.

Hard to know how people find the blog, or even what they are looking for. Some no doubt just Google a phrase like “Beauty Lighting” and came through the door that way. Others know of me and my work and like to follow the blog. For all visitors, I am truly grateful.

Why do I write a blog? First, a selfish reason – it’s just for me. the discipline of writing 2 or 3 times a month helps me to step back and reflect on my work, the creative process and how I’m doing. Second, I’m hopeful it will lead to some client projects – this is happening already. And third, I want to give something back. So many seasoned photographers have helped me along the way; I want to help others in any way I can. I trust some of the blog pieces will be useful – even inspiring – to shooters wanting to get more intentional about their work.

Gentle reader, I’d like to ask two things from you.

1)  Please let me know how I’m doing with the blog. Fine to leave a comment on the blog or email me at blake.robinson@snet.net.  Let me have it – the good and the bad. Tell me if there are topics you’d like me to cover.  Ask a question about how a certain image was shot – whatever is on your mind.

2)  Tell your friends about the blog. I do want to grow the readership and I have an email list I send out a note to once a month or so, listing new blog entries. I’d be happy to add you or any others to this list.

with gratitude,     Blake


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