Triple Fashion Image!

The image above is from a shoot with Joanna, a college student majoring in business and an aspiring model. The picture is a composite of three images, melded together in Photoshop.

I put the camera on a tripod to keep the background fixed in all three images. We took a lot of care in positioning Joanna on the paper so that she didn’t overlap herself. In Photoshop, I brought all three images into one file in three layers. Layers work like pieces of glass that are stacked, with information on each piece of glass.  I erased parts of each image, so that, looking through the whole stack,  all three Joannas are visible.  This work and the normal retouching took about two hours altogether.

I used a white seamless paper background, which is on a nine-foot wide roll that comes down from near the ceiling and then along the floor. Usually in a fashion shot the areas outside the paper are not visible. But here I chose to show outside the paper, to give some context and frame of reference for where the three Joannas were standing. You can see the stands on either side that hold the paper roll in place.

This was a fun concept to put together. We might call it “Waking up, at Play and at Work.”


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