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A Fun Event Shoot Idea

Recently, My brother Sam retired after a long and distinguished career in the independent school busienss. There was a retirement party of family, friends and people he had known from the education world. He asked me to talk pictures at the party.

I have to admit – I don’t really like to shoot events.  (Don’t even mention weddings to me.) But it’s hard to say no to your brother. So, what I suggested was something different from the typical group poses with the forced grins and the plastic cup of wine in each hand. I brought my travel lights, a small blue background and took an individual picture of every person (well, almost all of them) who came to the party. I had a small whiteboard and asked each person to write a message to Sam. Many of the messages were very creative.  A few thought the idea looked a bit like a mug shot, but everyone was game. I shot close to 200 people in 2 hours, so it was a pretty fast pace.

Here’s my picture. I’m the third of three brothers, while Sam is the second.  I’m not really this wrinkly, am I?


Video Critique of one of my images

One of my images has been critiqued today by Craig Tanner of The Mindful Eye. Craig has been an important teacher and mentor of mine. I’ve taken several workshops with him. It’s quite an honor to have an image critiqued by Craig, as he gets hundreds of submissions each day. His website is one of the best and most popular photography sites.

Click here for the critique.

Some interesting comments in the video about color theory and composition. I don’t always agree with Craig (and I don’t agree with some of his points in this critique), but I always find his insights really helpful. Craig is a fabulous teacher and he has helped me in many ways to become a better photographer.

For more images from the same shoot, see the blog posting below.


Beauty and Glamour Shoot!

Whenever I have the words “beauty” or “glamour” in the title of my blog post, I seem to get more hits.  Lindsay is not a professional model (she certainly could be one), but she is beautiful and glamorous.  She is also very photogenic, which is something quite different.  We were trying some fun, creative looks sand poses.  Let me know what you think of these images – with a comment on the blog or by email.  Thanks, as always, for your interest in my work.