Headshots, Headshots, Headshots….

Regular readers may think I’m writing too much about headshots. For sure, I’ll try to branch out a bit in the next few posts. But we have more headshots today. Here are a few images from a recent shoot with Cara. In the first one, the skin tone is quite warm – part of this is Cara’s tan – but I liked it as a contrast to her cool, blue eyes. We used a hair light, above and slightly behind her, to put some highlights in the hair. Here’s the same image in black and white, with a very different feeling. Which do you like better?

In the images below, the primary light source was a softbox behind Cara. A small reflector bounced some light back into her face. This lighting setup can cause some color shifts that may or may not work well. I did a fair amount of adjusting the color in Photoshop. We still came up with quite a warm skin tone.

Here’s the black and white version:

Both of these images – well all four, depending on how you count – show Cara with quite a serious expression.  But she has a lovely, full smile, which we captured in many of the images in our shoot. here’s one of the fashion shots we did:


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