Glamour Headshot

OK, in the last post, I said I’d get away from headshots for a while, but I wanted to post this image from a shoot this week with Tori. There are some other images of Tori from an earlier shoot here.

Before you read any further, have a close look at the image and think about whether you like it or not, and why.

I like the shot for lots of reasons. Some of these things are planned and some just happen – the things that “just happen” are not luck, I’ve come to believe, but something more like synchronicity.  Here’s why I like the shot –

  • the barest hint of a smile
  • the hint of dimples
  • the tilt of her of her head and body – somewhat reminiscent of a 1940’s Hollywood publicity shot
  • the way the color of her shirt (salmon?) complements the background
  • the way the lights and shadows play off of Tori’s hair
  • the pinpoint catchlights and beautiful blue color of the eyes
  • the real connection Tori has with the viewer

As always, any questions or comments are welcome.


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