posterized portraits

In Photoshop, there are an incredible variety of “filters'” you can apply, to create special effects in images. In the picture above, I’ve applied and artistic filter called “cutout” that gives a posterized version of a photograph of Tori. The filter will take an image with smooth gradations between light and dark areas, and reduce them to just a few discrete tones.  I’ve shown the original image below, for comparison.

If you look at the original image, and start at the highlight on Tori’s cheek and then move down to the lower right of the image, there is a gradual darkening of the tones. In the posterized version, you will see just 5 or 6 discreet tones as you move along the same line.  The posterized look is not for everyone.  How do you react to it? Would love to hear your comments.

Here’s another posterized image, with its orginal right below.

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