just a fun shoot

Recently I had the great pleasure of shooting with Sarah, pictured above. Sarah really wanted to do a fun and creative shoot. We bounced around a few ideas before the day of the shoot, but mostly came up, together, with the concepts as we went along.  What she didn’t want were typical headshots – she had done too many headshots in her days as an actress in Los Angeles. So we agreed we’d only do “non-headshot” headshots. One of these is shown above.

Faithful readers will recall that I often do jumping shots.  These are hard as you never quite know how they will turn out. We’ll shoot a bunch to get, hopefully, a few keepers. But the energy, fun and enthusiasm always seems to shine through, as it does in the image above.  Well done, Sarah!

In this casual shot, I needed a wall and a floor that would complement the colors of Sarah’s jeans and top. I used a black foamcore board as the “wall” and white paper as the floor.  We are used to seeing white walls and dark floors, but I think this upside-down look works for the image. How does it strike you?

The last shot, below, may be my  favorite from the shoot – a relaxed, playful and natural pose, that just happened without any coaching from me or much forethought by Sarah.  As always, your comments or questions are always welcome.


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