headshots of men

This month, I had the pleasure of taking headshots for a wonderful small company based in Fairfield County.  We did headshots of all 11 employees for the company website.  As I have mostly shown images of women in recent blog posts, I wanted to write about photographing men today.

There are some obvious differences.  With women, I normally use big softboxes for  lighting, to create a very flattering look.  A somewhat harsher light is appropriate for men – especially if we are going for the chiseled, manly look.  (If you’re old enough, think: The Marlboro Man.)  However, in this shoot, I used the same lighting for all 11 headshots (8 men and 3 women), in order to have a consistent look on the website. So the men got the flattering, smooth skin look.  They still look masculine, for sure!

In the three images shown, you can see a fair amount of shading on the left side (as we look at the images) of each face. With women, I generally bounce some light back into the shadow side with a reflector, reducing the shadows for a softer feel.

A note about glasses.  You will see both men below are wearing them. Reflections in the lenses can be a problem, so you have to position the light carefully.  Sometimes people will actually take the lenses out of the frames to avoid this.  To me, this can give kind of a strange look. I don’t mind seeing a subtle reflection of the glass. In both of the images below,  I did a bit of work in Photoshop to reduce the appearance of lens reflection, without totally eliminating it.

These guys were great fun to shoot with (as were all the others in the company – men and women).  You can see the relaxed and open smiles; everyone worked well together and there was a real sense of family – nice to see in today’s tough business environment!

As always, would appreciate any questions or comments.


2 Responses to “headshots of men”

  1. November 21, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    Hi Blake,

    Keep photographing the men! Women love looking at them!


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