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man does not live by bread alone…

This week I had the great pleasure of doing a shoot with my good friend, Lisa, who is a baker extraordinaire.  Lisa is a professionally trainer baker of artisanal breads, scones, biscuits and cookies. If you have not tried any of Lisa’s scrumptious creations, stop by Darien Cheese & Fine Foods (website). You’re in for a real treat!

This shoot was about shapes, textures, colors and depth of field. We purposely kept the compositions very simple. In the image to the left of Irish soda bread, we used a fairly harsh light, to bring out the shine in the glaze on the bread. Also we were emphasizing the contrast between the smooth board and rough texture of the bread.

In the image of the bread in a cooling tent, we wanted to show a bit of the reflection off the glass, but not have it be overwhelming. This is a matter of trial and error as you move lights around. Thank goodness for digital capture – there’s no cost to shooting hundreds of images, if need be.

I love Lisa’s post-modern red bread box.  It looks like it might be something the Jetsons would have in their kitchen. While shooting it, I kept wondering if it might take off and fly around the studio. Luckily, it stayed put.

Lisa and I shot her breads for about three hours. We used just a few props and stayed with the blue paper background. We’d take a shot, move the bread a half-inch to the side and shoot again. There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple while taking pictures. You can slow down and really concentrate on the shapes and textures.  So many images we see today are too busy and frenetic. I find the photographs Lisa and I created to be somehow calming.  Please see more images from this series on my website, here.

“Man does not live by bread alone.”  This sentence appears three times in the Bible, in Deuteronomy and the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.  And to be sure, there is more to life than bread. But I have to say that, when I eat a slice of Lisa’s flax bread (pictured below), all’s right with the world and there’s not much else I long for!


my photo in “usa weekend” – this weekend!

So, it’s a big rush for a photographer to have an image published in the newspaper. It’s an especially big rush if the picture is in over 700 papers around the country!  This image appears in “USA Weekend,” a Sunday suplement magazine published by USA Today.

I took the picture above of three dynamo women, Maggy, Pam and Sharon, who have a cooking blog called Three Many Cooks. Check it out here.

For this image, we had in mind a “Charlie’s Angels in the kitchen” look, so I had Maggy and Sharon turn towards the outside.

These amazing women are starting a weekly column in USA Weekend this weekend. Check it out, including a short video (and, of course my photo of them with a photo credit!)  here.


Three Many Cooks

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting with the Three Many Cooks. I did a food shoot with them back in the fall. To see those images, click here. But this was more fun for sure – to shoot the ladies behind all the delicious food. These three dynamo women have a fantastic cooking blog. Check it out here. In the “About” section of their blog is another photo from our shoot.

In this image above, I was trying to replicate to some degree the illustration of Pam, Maggy and Sharon on the heading of their blog.

We also did headshots of each of them as well. Here’s one of the images of Sharon:


Food Shoot


Like many professions, photography is becoming increasingly specialized.  One of the specialties is food photography, and the people who specialize in food typically don’t shoot anything else. So, it was with some trepidation that this mostly portrait shooter accepted the invitation of a top-notch cookbook writer, cook and all around food expert to do a food shoot. I read up on it and thought – I could do this!


 Pam Anderson, author of “The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great” and other best-selling cookbooks, is starting a new food blog, along with her daughters Maggy and Sharon. 

I spent a wonderful afternoon with Sharon and Pam, shooting about 10 dishes for their blog.  We had great fun “styling” the food, moving around props to get just the right look, figuring out lighting, and doing a bit of tasting along the way.

_DSC0020 In photographing food, making to food look delicious is, of course, the overriding goal. Everything Pam and Sharon made that day not only looked good but tasted fabulous. As you can see in these pictures, we just used a few props – placemats, napkins, a fork, a bottle of olivc oil, etc.

For lighting, I mostly used one side light coming in from the right side, up high, to mimic a nice soft window light coming into a kitchen. The actual day was overcast and dull, so we needed to create our own atmosphere. In some pictures, I put an orange gel on the flash to warm up the light. To reflect a bit of light onto the left_DSC0015 side of the food, we held up white posterboard on the left, so one flash unit could do the work of two.

Although portraits of people is still my first love, I look forward to more food shoots. 

Check out the new blog, entitled “Three Many Cooks in Pam Anderson’s Kitchen”  by clicking here. There are wonderful stories about cooking and great recipes by these three very dynamic and talented women.