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three teens surprise dad for father’s day!

Can you keep a secret? If you recognize these kids, do NOT tell their dad about these pictures! These teenagers (along with their mom) decided they wanted to surprise Dad on Father’s Day with some new family photos.

So, last week, we did a shoot at their home. It happened to be miserably hot, but the kids were just great – very patient and willing to work hard to get good images.

As any of you know who try to corral teenagers, it’s difficult to find a time where they are all available. 3PM in the afternoon was that time. I would have preferred to shoot closer to dusk, to get a warmer light, but these images worked out fine. We set up in open shade to avoid the harsh sun of mid-afternoon, and then used a flash unit on a stand to bring some light into their faces.

We mostly shot out in the yard, but did a few headshots in the living room, such as the one on the right.

With the group shots, I always take a lot of pictures. With three people, the chances that one person is in the middle of a blink or doesn’t have a good expression is pretty high. So, the more pictures you take, the better the odds are that you will have enough “keepers.” I took over 300 images in this shoot. As it turned out, I didn’t need so many – the kids were smiling and looking great in almost every picture. Isn’t this a fabulous looking trio of kids?


model shoot in Santa Fe – part two

Just posting a few more images from my shoot with a young model in Santa Fe this week. If you missed the first post, check it out here.


model shoot in Santa Fe


This week, I’ve been in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a photography workshop. Before the workshop started, I had a model shoot with a teenager, who came to Santa Fe with her mom for the afternoon.

This young lady is rushing to finish high school a year early, trying to get started in modeling, and is heading towards college and a career in medicine. Whew!

Most of these shots were taken in the main plaza in Santa Fe. It was a very windy day, with harsh sun, so we were trying to stay in the shade and out of the wind. The shoot made me appreciate how fortunate I am to have a studio to work in, where I can control the light and the weather. But this was a fun shoot and I always enjoy figuring out the technical challenges of shooting outside.

We’ll post in a few days more images from Santa Fe and the surrounding area. As always, thanks for tuning in!


High School Senior Photo Shoot

I recently had the pleasure of shooting with a lovely (and smart!) young lady named Rachel, an aspiring model. She is also a world-class rower and has been recruited for the crew team of one the leading college crews in the country.  When her rowing schedule at college allows, she’ll be studying biomedical engineering.  here are some more images from our shoot:


High School Senior Photos – Part Two

I really enjoy shooting high school kids – especially when the high schooler is beautiful, enthusiastic about the shoot, fun to be with and photogenic. I may be biased, but my niece, nicknamed Lela, is all of these things.

Lela has a natural, open and engaging smile. In fact,  I had to work at getting her to do a semi serious pose, such as the one above.

The image to the left is more typical of how she looks most of the time – a happy, outgoing young woman who enjoys life.

When I suggested she try some poses jumping up in the air, Lela got right into it and we came up with some great shots with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, like the one below.

When shooting high school seniors, I find it helpful to talk about outfits before the shoot. (Otherwise – who knows what they will show up with?) With Lela, we Skyped before the shoot.  She would bring potential outfits out of her closet which we’d look at and discuss together. This helped in pulling together a variety of looks that would photograph well and show her to best advantage.

I always try for a fun, spontaneous and informal  look to the images for high school seniors. And faithful readers will recall I love bold colors – the first headshot above brought in the primary RGB (red, blue, green) complimentary colors, which usually look like dynamite together.

Whoever the senior is, I try to create images to reflect his or her personality. I’m trying for unique and refreshing pictures that will be enjoyed for years to come. Most seniors will have their pictures done by a “photo mill” that has a contract with their school. The images often look  humdrum and clichéd.  But the kids are often pressured into using the school photographer – some schools even fine the kids if they go outside, which is probably illegal and in any event unfair and unfortunate.

Hope you will keep me in mind for any seniors you know who are looking for a photographer to record this very special time in their lives.


High School Senior Photos


One of the really fun parts of my photography business is shooting high school senior photos.  This post includes some images from a recent shoot with Kay.

A little bit about the market for high school photos. In most schools, one photography firm, usually a big national operation, has the exclusive rights to shoot yearbook pictures.  Some of the kids choose to have additional pictures taken for the yearbook or just for fun. While I generally don’t disparage the competition, a lot of this work is pretty mediocre, produced by high volume photo “mills” without a lot of creativity or imagination.

Some kids choose to hire their own photographer.  For the work I do with high school children, I work hard to create images that are unique, fun and capture the personality of the girl or boy. When I’m working with a girl, I usually bring in Maria Dominici, a fabulous makeup artist with over 20 years experience. See Maria’s website, by clicking here. Maria worked with me on the shoot with Kay. _DSC0107

Here’s how the process works for the  photoshoot. Generally, we’ll have a couple of phone conversations and/or meet before the shoot to talk about pose ideas, outfits, and even props we might use.  (The flowers in the images below were a prop idea of Kay’s mom.) From the beginning, I really want the kids to be comfortable and see the whole experience as a fun project.

With my shoot with Kay, I took about 300 pictures. After the shoot, Kay and her mom looked over the unedited images to make their choices. I expected they’d pick about 15 images.  Happily, they choose close to 40 pictures.

Next, the editing  work in Photoshop. This involves cropping, color correction, adjustments to contrast, removing blemishes and a host of other changes. I still try to keep the images as natural looking as possible.










I take a lot of pride in my work and will spend as much time as needed at the computer working on the images – sometime as much as 45 minutes on one picture. Then, I’ll make a disk of the images to give to the client. If prints are needed I’m happy to make them, or the client may choose to make prints on their own. The client owns full rights to the images and may as many prints as they wish.












It was hard to choose just a few images from the shoot to include in this post – Kay looked so beautiful in so many of them!


One might think high schoolers would be self conscious and awkward having their pictures taken. My experience has been just the opposite – they enjoy the process and generally don’t take themselves nearly as seriously as we adults do. Kay, for example, was an absolute joy to work with. Her infectious smile came naturally. It never occurred to me to suggest a smile – it was always there.


I hope you will keep me in mind, gentle reader, if you know of any high school-aged children who would be interested in a photo shoot.  It’s a wonderful age and the images can be a lasting witness and record of this special time in life, to be enjoyed for decades to come. 

 While this shoot was in the studio, I often work outside as well. Whatever the client wants, I try to be as accomodative as possible.  Thanks for reading this somewhat longer than usual post. And many thanks to Kay for being such a lovely, happy and smart young lady – and a real pleasure to shoot!