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people of santa fe

This week, I’m in Santa Fe for a photography workshop. Here are a few of the people I’ve photographed on the street. The teenaged girl, above, is a young aspiring model. As we were walking along the street, I saw this doorway, and particularly liked the long strip of light on the left side of the doorway and the little square of light on the right side. I positioned her so that the light would hit her hair.

Saint Francis Cathedral has some beautiful sculpture and paintings. Today, with Pope John Paul having been moved up another step toward sainthood, the altar area had a big portrait of him and an amazing array of flowers. But what really caught my attention was  the light coming in the front door. I stood and watched many people come in and out, and grabbed a few shots, including the one of this gentleman, above.

There are always some interesting characters in the plaza in the center of town. This man’s name is Cuba, and his dog is Oxy. He is a school teacher in Santa Fe. He liked this image and asked me to email it to him, which I have done tonight. I used a wide angle lens on this shot and had the camera about a foot off the pavement.

It’s snowing tonight and the temperature will drop into the 20’s. Later in the week, thr forecast calls for sunny and in the 80’s. A very speical place to be in any weather!


dogs in the vineyard!

A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of photographing some wonderful oil paintings to go into a book. The paintings are by Stuart Ferrell, an amazing painter of dogs – and other subjects. The story revolves around some dogs who go to work for an actual vineyard in Virginia. The vineyard, now under new ownership, has decided to use the image above for a wine label. I can’t wait to taste the wine!

In the picture above, the dogs, who have been hired to guard the vineyard, are asleep as a variety of creatures and critters look on. If you’d like to buy Stuart’s fabulous book, contact her at

Faithful readers know how much I enjoy doing headshots, and there are some lovely headshots in Stuart’s book, including my favorite one, below.