2010 Photography Exhibit!

I’ve just learned that I’ve been accepted to hold a solo photography exhibit at the Darien Library. The exhibit will be mid to late 2010 – date to be determined. I’m thrilled! The new Darien Library is a beautiful, modern state-of-the-art building, with a wonderful exhibition space.

Now, I have to create some new work.  As faithful readers know, most of my recent focus has been on portraits. While I’ll have some portraits in the show, I want to come up with a varied collection of work that will hang together in some way- literally and figuratively.  Just beginning to mull over some ideas.

This is a great opportunity for me – not just to have the show but the gift of knowing I have to work consistently over the coming months to build some new images – try new techniques, new subjects to shoot as well as develop new ways of looking at and seeing things. There is always a risk that a photographer – or any artist – can get stuck doing the same kind of work over and over.  I trust this show will be an incentive for me to break out of any ruts I have fallen into. A time for creative new beginnings!

We’ll have an opening reception – details to be announced – and you will be invited!


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